Staff / Volunteers

Ninety (90) percent of our staff and volunteers come from within the community of Kamanga.

We believe in developing the talent of our people in the community so that they own the programs and activities and develop ways to better the whole community.

Charity Katotobwe Sikazwe

Founder/ Executive Director

Qualified Accountant by profession.

Has over 20 years experience in both Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management. Her experience spans from working with International NGOs ,Donor organisations and local nonprofit organisations.

She has worked with SMEs and Community based initiatives. Her passion is working with women and children living in deprived and under resourced communities.

She also has a knack for “Entrepreneurship” and works and trains women running small and medium enterprises in Business skills.

Center Manager

Betty Habeenzu is Food and Nutrition Foundations Volunteer Center Manager.

She has vast experience in working with children and running children’s programs and is also an Early Childhood Development Teacher by profession.

Better ensures the FNF Center is running smoothly and teaches the children doing Grade 1.

Field Officer

Gertrude Chirwa is the Food and Nutrition Foundation Volunteer Field officer. She has vast experience in community work and is a trained Caregiver and Traditional birth attendant. Her experience spans from working with FNF on the HIVAIDs program .

She also assists at the Clinic as an HIV counsellor.

Gertrude is responsible for all field activities for the Foundation.

Care giver / Office assistant

Dorothy Mukwakwa is a Volunteer Caregiver and office assistant.

She has over 10 years of work experience as a Caregiver traditional birth attendant and assists at Chelston clinic with Antenatal and TB corner.

She cleans the office and ensures everything is nice and tidy.

Accounts and Admin Clerk

Joseph Njovu is the Volunteer Accounts and Admin clerk.

He captures and records all donations received at the center. He also assists in recording activities and everything happening at the Center.

He also teaches the Literacy class for  children below 12 years old and a Teacher for Saturday school.

Programs Admin Clerk

Innocent Banda is the Volunteer Programs admin clerk. He takes care of  the vegetables and the chickens at the Center. He also ensures all records are captured and maintained.

Innocent teaches the Literacy class and assists to ensure the feeding program is running smoothly.

Assistant Cook

Susan Kalumendo is the Volunteer assistant cook. She cooks for the children at the center and coordinates all cooking activities.

Security Clerk

James Chisambo is a Volunteer and he assists with the security of the Center.

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